The Peter J. Marshall Municipal Innovation Award

The Award honours one of Ontario’s youngest and most innovative Municipal Finance Commissioners. It recognizes those municipal governments demonstrating excellence in the use of innovative approaches to improve capital and/or operating efficiency and to generate effectiveness through alternative service delivery initiatives and partnerships.

The Award’s objective is to showcase instances where Ontario municipalities have implemented and can point to tangible outcomes from new, more cost effective ways of providing public services and facilities. By awarding and profiling innovation, we continue to advance creativity and strong municipal government.

2014 Peter J. Marshall Municipal Innovation
(Plaque) Award Recipients


Township of Georgian Bluffs/Township of Chatsworth
Biodigester Project

Project Description:
The Georgian Bluffs/Chatsworth Biodigester partnership project, constructed at the former Township of Derby wastewater facility, is designed  produce 100 kW of electricity for input to the Hydro One grid.  The facility is able to treat 40mᶾ of septage daily as well as organic waste, to produce methane gas.  The gas collected fuels an engine which drives a generator that produces up to 2,400 kWh of electricity per day.  
Goals and Objectives:
The Township of Chatsworth needed a sewage treatment plant which Georgian Bluffs could supply, if facilities could be expanded and Georgian Bluffs required a future solid waste facility.  These requirements led to a mutual agreement to share municipal waste treatment facilities.  The collaboration also focused on increasing diversion from respective landfills and the use methane gas to produce electrical power.    

Town of Goderich
Goderich Harbour Acquisition and Harbour Wharf Expansion

Project Description:
In 1999, the Town of Goderich entered into a public-private partnership with the Town’s primary port users led by the Sifto Canada Corporation to create the not-for-profit Goderich Port Management Corporation to manage, operate and maintain the port.  The project has resulted in a range of financial and socio-economic benefits for the Town at no cost to the taxpayer, including $1.8 million in annual shipping and lease revenues that have been used for port infrastructure and waterfront improvements.  

Goals and Objectives:
This innovative asset management approach was designed to meet four key objectives including:  the economic self-sustainability of the port; continued Town and public access to the port; provision of funds by users for capital and operating improvements; and lower fees for users.  A subsequent agreement was negotiated in 2013 with Sifto Canada Corporation for an expansion of wharf storage facilities for a range of commodities for both existing and new users.    

The County of Simcoe
Georgian Village

Project Description:
September 30, 2013, marked the opening of the Georgian Village state-of-the-art, 60⁺ adult lifestyle community.  The 311,500 square foot LEED Silver project sets a leading standard for a continuum of seniors housing, care and services in Ontario.  The project, which includes long term care, respite and convalescent care beds, assisted rental units and affordable rental housing units, is a campus or “community within a community” with five models of housing design and a suite of wellness services and supports for an aging population.  

Goals and Objectives:
The goal was to expand County long term care capacity to meet wait list demands and structural compliance requirements and to meet other seniors housing needs by responding to the “aging in place” philosophy.  This required a clear focus on different energy efficient housing design options, innovative community and health services, comprehensive community safety, government and community partnerships and innovative financing approaches.    

2014 Peter J. Marshall Municipal Innovation Certificate of Merit Award Winner


The Town of Deseronto
Deseronto Transit

Project Description:  
Deseronto Transit was formed to provide sustainable, affordable and accessible regional transit to transport people from different locations in the region to enable equal access to employment and necessary services.  Deseronto Transit, owned and operated by the Town of Deseronto, was established through a one-time grant provided by the Ministry of Community and Social Service and operates with fare revenue and annual Provincial Gas Tax funding.  Bus transit service is provided through two specific corridors between the Town and surrounding communities.  
Goals and Objectives:
Deseronto Transit is the only provider of regional transportation in the area, that meets the needs of specific rural and urban and First Nations communities. The transit system actively supports affordable, flexible transportation options for people seeking employment and education and for seniors and those with disabilities or special medical needs in partnership with community social service and care agencies.  






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